//Astro Boy: The Video Game – Nintendo Wii
4.333 out of 5

Astro Boy: The Video Game – Nintendo Wii

4.333 out of 5

When the futuristic Metro City finds itself facing new and unprecedented peril, there s only one figure to whom it can turn: Astro Boy. The creation of a brilliant scientist, this daring young robot is imbued with a variety of amazing powers, from lasers and arm cannons to super speed and flight. Now he must prepare to face his destiny, summoning all of his powers in defense of everything he holds dear.

Wield amazing powers
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Fight Huge Bosses
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Protect the city from Evil
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Enter the world of the exciting CG-animated film with Astro Boy: The Video Game. Experience the world of this intrepid young hero as you wield amazing powers to battle hordes of enemies and gargantuan bosses. Using your super strength, flight, drill attacks and more, you ll propel your way through an exhilarating platforming adventure filled with gorgeous graphics and compelling action. Will your efforts be enough to save the denizens of Metro City and help you become the hero you were meant to be?

Key Game Features:

  • Play as blue energy-powered young robot Astro Boy as he attempts to save Metro City
  • Protect the city by wielding your amazing powers, including super strength, flight, arm cannons and drill attacks
  • Pit your abilities against waves of enemies and colossal bosses
  • Embark on an adventure featuring exciting platforming action and air combat
  • Share the superhero fun with a friend in side-by-side two-player co-op mode